Poetry of the heart, soul, and mystery of being

Richard Wehrman

An award-winning illustrator, designer and poet, Richard lives in rural Upstate New York with his wife, illustrator and painter Vicki Wehrman. He is an artist who found his way to poetry through the language and heart teachings of two 13th and 14th-century Persian poets.


“Richard Wehrman’s poems have often touched me, made me pause and smile and take a deeper breath of life. His words are an offering for the soul’s nourishment.”

Oriah Mountain Dreamer, author of The Invitation

Light was Everywhere


"Here at the School of Spiritual Psychology, we all call Richard Wehrman the "Poet Laureate of the Heart". This volume, holding the voices of his soul over many years, proves we are right!

Robert Sardello, author of Silence and Love and the Soul



It is all breaking in
around me,
the sweetness, the bliss,
the unfounded hope;
everywhere light is pressing
at the windows,
tenderness is crowding,
kindness is streaming through keyholes,
beauty is overfilling
the darkness,
leaving no room for despair,
for the old cruelties,
the tiny cuts,
the red wounds and the blood.
I asked, I prayed,
and had hoped to find pennies.
I could never conceive,
though I used the words,
that Light was